Position Statements from the LWVWA League

Local Program Positions-in-Brief – League of Women Voters of Williamsburg Area (as of March 2012)

Fiscal Policy (1977, updated 2012)

While we recognize and value contributions of state and federal governments to local governmental budgets, the LWV-WA supports expansion of local revenue raising alternatives with reduced dependence on property tax. We recommend removal of the Dillon Rule.

Housing (1995, updated 2012)

Supports action within the three (3) governmental jurisdictions and encourages the efforts of non-profit agencies to determine and meet the needs of low-income/moderate housing by the City of Williamsburg, and the Counties of York and James city. Planning concepts should be encouraged to permit a variety of population densities. Regional cooperation of these needs should be encouraged.

Land Use (1974, updated 2001, reviewed 2012)

Controlled growth policies for land use are necessary for the orderly development of land. Continued long-range planning and dialogue are needed to protect human needs, area resources, and the environment. Furthermore, adequate funding and enforcement strategies, coupled with cooperation among governing bodies are needed to ensure that the issues relating to open space, agriculture, transportation, recreation, shopping facilities, and historical site preservation are addressed. Wide dissemination and citizen participation relating to the resolution of these land use issues are essential.

Education (rewritten 2002, reviewed 2012)

“Today’s educators are facing greater challenges than ever before. Not only are schools being asked to help students meet much higher academic standards, but they are also expected to meet the wide-ranging needs of the most diverse group of learners ever educated in the public schools of any nation. . . Schools are expected not only to offer education but to ensure learning for students whose families and communities often have fewer resources than in the past.” Linda Darling Hammond, “Quality Teaching: The Critical Key to Learning,” National Association of Elementary Principals Magazine, 1997 Recognizing these realities and based on research and community input, the League of Women Voters of the Williamsburg Area believes that collaboration among business, home, community and school groups is essential in maximizing our resources to prepare our young people to succeed in the 21st Century. Models for this collaboration include those agency partnerships focusing on early childhood programs and those underway with The College of William & Mary and Thomas Nelson Community College. Therefore, the League supports sufficient resources to provide:

  • strong early childhood programs and interventions for students with special needs, gifts and talents
  • a caring, competent, qualified teacher in every classroom
  • sustained, quality professional development opportunities which allow for collaboration and networking among staff and other educators
  • both school and class sizes which are appropriate for instructional goals and the emotional needs of students;
  • educational programs that offer challenging curricula and enrichment or diverse learners and that prepare all students for higher education or competent entry into the work force, allowing each child to reach his/her full potential;
  • opportunities for students to develop and apply skills needed to become active participants in their communities.

Homelessness (2007, updated 2012)

Homelessness is a growing problem in our community. Our role is to support United Way and other groups, on a local scale, to assist in helping the homeless.