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A special exception from the legislature because of the covid-19 pandemic:

The Virginia Department of Elections had mail-in absentee ballot instruction sheets and envelopes printed prior to election changes enacted by the recent special session of the General Assembly. Thus, the instructions are confusing many voters. In spite of what is stated in the instructions, voters do NOT need to have a witness sign the return envelope in this election. But voters do need to insert their completed ballot into the enclosed privacy envelope and then put that envelope into the return one that is already postage-paid.

The League of Women Voters is a nationwide nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government at all levels. We advocate in state and local government on issues we have studied, and promote civic education. Then, the Suffragists went to jail. Now, we go to the polls!

Our Williamsburg League has been educating voters and studying issues for over 50 years.

Getting Involved with the League

Join us in making a better community through informed voting.

The Voter Services group sponsors candidate forums, registers voters, publicizes elections, and answers voters’ questions about voting and elections. Members also regularly update the Facts for Voters publication.

Our Education Committee studies local education and lobbies local educators to strengthen the K-12 programs in the Williamsburg-James City school system.

Our Elections Integrity Committee monitors bills related to election security, photo ID, no excuse absentee voting and attends the monthly JCC Electoral Board Meetings.

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