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H. Chancey | Published on 8/22/2023

Suffragette on scooter
Growth of our social media platforms has been steady. Since the League began posting in May, we have accumulated hundreds of followers with the potential of converting them to active members. Our messages have been clear, concise, and calls to action.

Find Us On

We use both online links and QR codes to draw attention of millennials and Gen Z’ers for:

Recruiting Campaigns

  • Voter Registration and Registration Verification
  • League Membership
  • Poll Worker Recruitment
  • Calls for early and no excuse mail in absentee balloting
  • Signing up for free tickets to “The Janes” documentary screening on September 12

Information Campaigns

  • Alerting readers to the high stakes of the upcoming General Election in November. Virginia is now considered a marquee or bellwether state. The eyes of the nation are upon us.
  • League Legislative Priorities
  • Coordinating with LWVUS to tell congress to
  • Pass voting rights legislation | Enshrine the ERA in the Constitution | Restore Reproductive Rights
  • Keeping youth apprised of efforts to suppress their votes through identification, reduced polling places, and efforts to raise the voting age to 25.

What can you do?

  • Consider jumping onto a social media platform or two. We understand that “X” formerly known as Twitter may not appeal, but our Facebook reach is up 100%; our Instagram reach is up over 225%.
  • If you were to join, be sure to like and re-post. That is the best way to spread the League word organically.
  • Check out It is a major competitor of the app formerly known as Twitter without any of the toxicity. If there were any, the content moderators would pull it down anyway. The demographic is a no-nonsense, level-headed, just-the-facts type of crowd who care about democracy. Users tend to be journalists and a host of civic and socially conscious professionals and players in this great experiment of ours. Look for yourself.
  • And finally, tell your kids and grand-kids about our efforts and ask them to join along.
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