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Seven Myths of Social Media

H. Chancey | Published on 7/4/2023

Seven Social Media Myths

You are probably aware of concerns about social media. Let's dispel some of the myths about these powerful tools that can speak to new and younger audiences and voters. We want to use all the means available to Empower Voters. Defend Democracy.

Myth #1- I can’t check social media because I don’t have an account.

Some social media accounts allow a “read-only.” Twitter does not. Go to any of our social media sites and give it a try. Best you join the conversation by opening an account of your own. Then you can “like” or “retweet” or “re-blog” or “reply” or “comment” about League posts all you like. And we’d love that.

Myth #2 - Social Media is toxic.

Well, some is, but it’s highly unlikely that you will ever see it. That’s because algorithms steer you toward things that interest you based on your “likes.” If you’re interested in democracy, you’re not going to see tattooed skinheads in your feed. Even Facebook can be toxic, but most likely you’ll never see it. And even if you do, we believe the best way to fight toxicity is with informed civility.


Myth #3 - Young people won’t follow us.

Yes, they will, but we’ve got to meet them where they are. Online. That’s how we extend the reach of the League’s mission and find new generations of members. By increasing our followers and getting new followers to retweet to their followers we grow exponentially. We’re reaching out to William & Mary students. Our family & friends engagement campaign is all part of a larger initiative.

Social myths

Myth #4 - Kids don’t care about civics.

Don’t care or don’t know? With short zippy League posts, we have a shot at getting their attention on things that might otherwise put them to sleep in a civics class. Besides, they’ll be reading the posts on their favorite addiction. Smartphones.

Myth #5 - Kids live in another world.

That’s not what happened when young voter turnout in Wisconsin soared 280% for a recent Supreme Court election. The elected candidate won by 11 points in a state that usually splits 50/50. The winning judge pledged to respect a woman’s right to reproductive health choice. And young voters took notice.

  • Did you know that some extremist groups are agitating to eliminate campus voting as an “anti-fraud” measure? [It’s not. It is a sneaky power grab to eliminate legitimate voters.]
  • Did you know that there are presidential candidates campaigning to raise the voting age to 26? [Apparently, they haven’t read the 26th Amendment of the US Constitution passed fifty-two years ago in 1971.]
  • The League has a responsibility to tell our youth that their right to vote is in jeopardy.

Myth #6 - We’re doomed!

Nope, we’re not. This isn’t the first time American democracy has been engaged in knockdown, drag out fights. Guns have been pulled on presidential candidates. Assassinations have been attempted and sadly, some have succeeded. Brawls have broken out in Congress. As far back as 1798 a congressperson attacked a colleague with a hickory walking stick in the chambers of the United States House of Representatives. It’s nothing new, but retreat is not an option. We can’t give up or give in to voter suppression or anti-democratic behavior. Social media is one way to call it out.

Myth #7 - Well, if we’re not doomed by violence, we’re doomed by deepfake Artificial Intelligence.

Threatened, yes. Doomed, no. At least not yet while humans are still in charge. Hallucination, disinformation & conspiracies can all be identified and called out. We’re betting that kids will be on top of that. And we are hoping you will join in the effort to combat disinformation.


Our Takeaway.

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Once you have had a chance to review our social media work, please consider opening an account and taking full advantage of our social media efforts.

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In a recent New York Times interview, the new CEO of Twitter stated her goal.
“Twitter is on a mission to become the world’s most accurate real-time information source and a global town square for communication.”

Twitter launched in 2006. Since then, it has been written off countless times. Now is not the time to bet against it. Now is the time for League members to become part of the most important civic conversation of our time - the conversation of democracy.

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