League Lingo

There are certain terms that are unique to League of Women Voters. Some are listed here to help new members.

ACTION: Promoting the League’s positions on local, state and national public policy issues to government officials, the media and the public.

ACTION ALERT: A request from the national, state, or local League asking members to contact an elected representative in support of or opposition to proposed legislation. Members respond as individuals; only the president or designated representative speaks officially for a League.

ANNUAL MEETING: Local League year-end business meeting to elect officers and directors, vote on bylaw changes and adopt a budget and program of work for the next year. 

CONCURRENCE: Agreement by League members with a position on an issue reached by a small group of members or by another League.

CONSENSUS: Collective opinion of a substantial number of League members, representative of the membership as a whole, after objective study and discussion of an issue.

CONVENTION: LWVUS or LWV-VA meeting where delegates elect officers, adopt new positions, budgets, PMPs (per-member-payments), and bylaws, etc. LWVUS holds conventions in even-numbered years; LWV-VA in odd. Any member may attend as a non-voting delegate.

COUNCIL: LWVUS or LWV-VA meeting held in alternate years between conventions, with a limited number of delegates.

EDUCATION FUND: The tax-deductible arm of national, state and large local Leagues, handling funds to be used only for educational purposes, not for action on issues.

LIFE MEMBER: A person who has been a member for 50 years or more. Life members are excused from dues payment and their Leagues pay no per member payment (PMP) for them.

LWVUS – League of Women Voters of the United States (the national League)

LWV-VA – League of Women Voters of Virginia (a state League)

LWV-VA Blog at https://lwv-va.org/blog/

“MEMBER CORNER” at https://lwv-va.org/members-corner/

PMP: Acronym for Per Member Payment, the amount of money paid to the LWVUS and the state League

PROGRAM – Selected governmental issues chosen by members at the local, state and national levels for study and action. Program is for a two-year period (biennium) and adopted by delegates at annual meetings or state and national conventions

PROGRAMS – Plans for speakers, discussion or other activities for League meetings.

STUDY [RESTUDY] – Adopted at annual meeting or convention in order to pursue consensus on a new position or add to an existing position

VOTE411.ORG – Web portal of LWVUS for election information. (www.VOTE411.org )

WLRTWomen Legislative Roundtable; a nonpartisan forum moderated by LWV-VA in Richmond during the General Assembly session for discussion of public policy issues and the legislation to address them. All legislators and non-profit groups are invited to speak about pending legislation and the issues they are tracking. Sessions are now held both in-person and on Zoom.