Facts for Local Voters

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State Level Offices

Governor: Honorable Ralph S. Northam (D)
(804) 786-2211 www.governor.virginia.gov
Lieutenant Governor:
Honorable Justin E. Fairfax (D)
 (804) 786-2078 www.ltgov.virginia.gov/
Attorney General:
Honorable Mark R. Herring (D)

(804) 786-2071 www.oag.state.va.us

Legislative: General Assembly
Annual session convenes the 2nd Wednesday in January.
The GA is a bicameral legislature with 40 Senate members
and 100 House of Delegates members.
WEB: virginiageneralassembly.gov
During Sessions, Bill information:
Division of Legislative Services  (804) 698-1470

State Senate: 4-year terms

Monty Mason (D-1)
(804) 698-7501 District  (757) 229-9310
Email: district01@senate.virginia.gov
WEB: General Assembly

Tommy K. Norment Jr. (R-3)
(804) 698-7503 District  (757) 259-7810
Email: district03@senate.virginia.gov
WEB: General Assembly

House of Delegates: 2-year terms

Mike Mullin (D-93)
(804) 698-1093 District  (757) 525-9526
Email:  DelMMullin@house.virginia.gov
WEB:  General Assembly

Brenda L. Pogge (R-96)
(804) 698-1096 District  (757) 223-9690
Email: DelBPogge@house.virginia.gov
WEB: General Assembly

City of Williamsburg

Williamsburg City Council

Paul T. Freiling, Mayor  (757) 229-5165
Email: pfreiling@williamsburgva.gov

Douglas G. Pons, Vice-Mayor (757) 220-0960
Email: dpons@williamsburgva.gov

Barbara Ramsey  (757) 229-5109
Email: bramsey@williamsburgva.gov

Benning “Benny” Zhang  (757) 920-3125
Email: bzhang@williamsburgva.gov

Edward F. “Ted” Maslin  (757) 378-2536
Email: tmaslin@williamsburgva.gov

Andrew O. Trivette, City Manager
(757) 220-6100
Email atrivette@williamsburgva.gov

James City County

Board of Supervisors

Berkeley: Ruth Larson (I) Chairman
(757) 603-0509
Email: ruth.larson@jamescitycountyva.gov

Jamestown: James Icenhour (D) Vice Chair
(757) 608-8414
Email: james.icenhour@jamescitycountyva.gov

Powhatan: Michael J. Hipple (I)
(757) 634-9895
Email: michael.hipple@jamescitycountyva.gov

Roberts: John J. McGlennon (D)
(757) 220-0568
Email: john.mcglennon@jamescitycountyva.gov

Stonehouse: Sue Sadler (R)  (757) 585-9272
Email: sue.sadler@jamescitycountyva.gov

Scott Stevens, County Administrator
(757) 253-6602
Email: scott.stevens@jamescitycountyva.gov

York County

York County Board of Supervisors
Web site: www.yorkcounty.gov/bos 

District 1: Walter C. Zaremba (R)
(757) 890-3328
Email: zaremba@yorkcounty.gov
Represents Magruder, Queens Lake, and
Waller Mill; other districts are outside of the
Williamsburg area

District 2: Sheila S. Noll (R)
(757) 890-3329
Email: noll@yorkcounty.gov

District 3: W. Chad Green (R)
(757) 890-3330
Email: Chad.Green@yorkcounty.gov

District 4: Jeffrey D. Wassmer (R)
(757) 890-3331
Email: wassmer@yorkcounty.gov

District 5: Thomas G. Shepperd, Jr. (R)
(757) 890-3332
Email: shepperd@yorkcounty.gov

County Administrator: Neil Morgan
(757) 890-3320 Fax: (757) 890-4000
Email: ctyadm@yorkcounty.gov