Facts for Voters

Download all this information in a handy sheet
Facts for Voters, 2019: Click here for a pdf.

State Level Offices

Governor: Honorable Ralph S. Northam (D)
(804) 786-2211 www.governor.virginia.gov
Lieutenant Governor:
Honorable Justin E. Fairfax (D)
 (804) 786-2078 www.ltgov.virginia.gov/
Attorney General:
Honorable Mark R. Herring (D)

(804) 786-2071 www.oag.state.va.us

Legislative: General Assembly
Annual session convenes the 2nd Wednesday in January.
The GA is a bicameral legislature with 40 Senate members
and 100 House of Delegates members.
WEB: virginiageneralassembly.gov
During Sessions, Bill information:
Division of Legislative Services  (804) 698-1470

State Senate: 4-year terms

Monty Mason (D-1)
(804) 698-7501 District  (757) 229-9310
Email: district01@senate.virginia.gov
WEB: General Assembly

Tommy K. Norment Jr. (R-3)
(804) 698-7503 District  (757) 259-7810
Email: district03@senate.virginia.gov
WEB: General Assembly

House of Delegates: 2-year terms

Mike Mullin (D-93)
(804) 698-1093 District  (757) 525-9526
Email:  DelMMullin@house.virginia.gov
WEB:  General Assembly

Brenda L. Pogge (R-96)
(804) 698-1096 District  (757) 223-9690
Email: DelBPogge@house.virginia.gov
WEB: General Assembly

City of Williamsburg

Williamsburg City Council

Paul T. Freiling, Mayor  (757) 229-5165
Email: pfreiling@williamsburgva.gov

Douglas G. Pons, Vice-Mayor (757) 220-0960
Email: dpons@williamsburgva.gov

Barbara Ramsey  (757) 229-5109
Email: bramsey@williamsburgva.gov

Benning “Benny” Zhang  (757) 920-3125
Email: bzhang@williamsburgva.gov

Edward F. “Ted” Maslin  (757) 378-2536
Email: tmaslin@williamsburgva.gov

Andrew O. Trivette, City Manager
(757) 220-6100
Email atrivette@williamsburgva.gov

James City County

Board of Supervisors

Berkeley: Ruth Larson (I) Chairman
(757) 603-0509
Email: ruth.larson@jamescitycountyva.gov

Jamestown: James Icenhour (D) Vice Chair
(757) 608-8414
Email: james.icenhour@jamescitycountyva.gov

Powhatan: Michael J. Hipple (I)
(757) 634-9895
Email: michael.hipple@jamescitycountyva.gov

Roberts: John J. McGlennon (D)
(757) 220-0568
Email: john.mcglennon@jamescitycountyva.gov

Stonehouse: Sue Sadler (R)  (757) 585-9272
Email: sue.sadler@jamescitycountyva.gov

Scott Stevens, County Administrator
(757) 253-6602
Email: scott.stevens@jamescitycountyva.gov

York County

York County Board of Supervisors
Web site: www.yorkcounty.gov/bos 

District 1: Walter C. Zaremba (R)
(757) 890-3328
Email: zaremba@yorkcounty.gov
Represents Magruder, Queens Lake, and
Waller Mill; other districts are outside of the
Williamsburg area

District 2: Sheila S. Noll (R)
(757) 890-3329
Email: noll@yorkcounty.gov

District 3: W. Chad Green (R)
(757) 890-3330
Email: Chad.Green@yorkcounty.gov

District 4: Jeffrey D. Wassmer (R)
(757) 890-3331
Email: wassmer@yorkcounty.gov

District 5: Thomas G. Shepperd, Jr. (R)
(757) 890-3332
Email: shepperd@yorkcounty.gov

County Administrator: Neil Morgan
(757) 890-3320 Fax: (757) 890-4000
Email: ctyadm@yorkcounty.gov

How to Vote

  • To find information on the representatives from the Historic Triangle area, as well as how to register to vote, check out Facts for Voters, 2019. Click here for a pdf.
  • To go to the elections web site of the League of Women Voters Education Fund, see the “Election Information You Need” at vote411.org. Or click on the Vote411 icon below. This web site includes information on elections, candidates, election laws, voting equipment, etc. – and covers all 50 states.

Photo ID requirements in Virginia

Check Virginia’s Photo ID requirements for in-person voting in this state. These requirements do NOT apply to those voters who vote absentee. (However, first-time voters who registered by mail may vote absentee only if they show particular reasons for voting absentee. See the “First-time Voters” instructions on page 4 of the Absentee Ballot Application Form.) Regulations were effective November 1, 2014.

Voter Registration Where You Live

You can also contact these local voter registrars directly in order to register to vote or if you have questions about voting, including your precinct and polling place.

  • In the City of Williamsburg, contact Win Sowder, at 757-220-6157.
  • In James City County, Dianna S. Moorman, at 757-253-6868.
  • In York County, Walter Latham, Jr., at 757-890-3440.

Voter Protection Information

The LWVVA is a member of the Election Protection Coalition, which assists voters whose rights have been violated.

Email the Voter Services Chair