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Jasper Johns. Flag. 1954-1955

Civics 101: The FIGHT for VOTING RIGHTS IN AMERICA: Past, Present & Future

CIVICS 101 webinar #2Held on Tuesday, July 21 at 4 p.m. A good way to catch up on the context for Virginia’s changes to election laws and rules coming for the November election. How did voting rights in our Constitution evolve since 1787? What did our Founding Fathers envision about voting? What is the history…

General Assembly Results and Observations

Excerpted from a Voter Express article by Carol Noggle, Voter Protection Officer, State League of Virginia Yes, it was a “wild” General Assembly session, as one newspaper headline stated. All sorts of unanticipated drama involving constitutional officers, but the legislative process continued with the LWV-VA and others in attendance. Observers could see during floor sessions…

The April 2019 newsletter is here, & we’ve been busy!

Mary Schilling, President Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy. While it’s easy to get discouraged these days, there have been some positive signs of responsible engagement in the challenging issues of the day. Our League consistently was well represented at the weekly Women’s Legislative Roundtables during General Assembly. Each week also included opportunities to meet with our…