Category: Voting Access

Making Your Vote Count in 2021

Watch the recording: Dianna Moorman, Director of Elections and General Registrar for James City County, will cover absentee voting, registration requirements and an update on the redistricting process. Pam Berg, LWV-Virginia Voter Access Committee Chair, will give an overview of election-related legislation taken up by the recent General Assembly. LWV President, Sudie Watkins, says, “It…

State League Issues Groups

Do you know how the League of Women Voters works to shape and direct state law and policy? Issues Groups are the basis for League lobbying. Groups lobby from a position on an issue and stay on top of changes in the issue of interest. Are you interested in any of these issues? Join a…

Advocacy Challenge 2021!

The new Advocacy Challenge is out, and your Local League could win! The challenge starts now. This friendly competition measures advocacy, proportionate to the size of your Local League. Winners will be notified at Convention in 2021. The Virginia General Assembly is already filing bills for the Jan 13, 2021 General Session. Here is how you can…