Virginia General Assembly

Local Advocacy

Our local League works to stay on top of fast-changing news with our Observer Corps. Observers follow the activities of various local governmental groups either in person or via public access channels when available.  Our current (as of August 2022) observers are:

Colonial Services Board
Karen Siracusa
Pat Evers (alternate)

James City County Board of Supervisors
Linda Rice
Don Schilling (alternate)

Williamsburg Board of Supervisors
Phoebe Kent

Williamsburg/James City County School Board
Ann Hobson

York County Board of Supervisors
Nancy Hummel

To join our Observer Corps, contact Linda Rice.

    Statewide Advocacy

    The League of Women Voters works to shape and direct state law and policy. Issues Groups are the basis for League lobbying. Groups study an issue and build a position on it, then lobby from that position to stay on top of changes in the topic. Here are some policy positions from the state-wide League of Women Voters of Virginia

    Are you interested in any of these issues? Join the group and commit to a deep learning dive into the Virginia General Assembly. Learn to contact state representatives with experienced League members.

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