Event: General Assembly Legislative Debrief, July 12, 2022

Jasper Johns. Flag. 1954-1955

Denise Harrington, LWV-VA Advocacy Chair

In  the 2022 Legislative General Assembly Session, most bills passed along party lines. However, whenever each “opposing side” could work together, there were several bills that were passed unanimously from both chambers. When the governor refused to sign those bills, in spite of members of the General Assembly overriding the veto (there were enough votes), partisan politics prevailed. Moreover, after the Session concluded, there were several bills that were left in conference. Many citizens and organizations waited “with bated breath” for more information regarding the FY23 Budget. Many wondered if we would have a budget before July 1, 2022 but, thankfully, a budget was passed.

To find out more about how the 2022 Virginia General Assembly affected our Legislative Priorities, which bills passed, and the State Budget, attend the LWV-VA Legislative Debrief, Tuesday, July 12, 6:30 p.m (click the highlighted text to register).