League Study Group Update: School Choice in Virginia

support our schools graphicDo Virginia’s public schools face fierce competition and challenges from the private and corporate sectors?
Should donors get tax breaks by giving to private schools through scholarship foundations?

The Virginia LWV School Choice Task Force has done considerable research concluding that our Education Position needs to be supplemented with specifics on Virginia school choice options. Public funds ARE going to private schools. The task force analyzed the parameters, funding, and administration of Virginia’s Tuition Tax Credit programs, private Virtual Schools, and proposals for Voucher Programs that have a negative impact on public school funding.

Even though Virginia has been, in comparison to some states, conservative in authorizing tax credit and voucher programs, there is a strong interest from some legislators, private schools and profit-making companies to expand them. There are major concerns about the level of quality of the private schools and private resources that receive the public funds. Those schools, including for-profit online learning programs, may have inadequate oversight, accountability, accreditation, transparency, student retention rates, achievement, curriculum, and protection of rights. Already some public funds go to private schools that include religious training, thereby compromising the separation of church and state.

The eight current Charter Schools in Virginia are public, are authorized and monitored by the local school board, and must abide by extensive Virginia Code requirements.

Our Virginia public school funding needs continued protection.

Join us on April 11th to learn more about this issue that affects the future
of all public schools in Virginia.

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