Action Alert 15: Medicaid Expansion

Action Alert 15 (March 9)

Medicaid Expansion is still needed!

With the regular legislative session scheduled to end on Saturday, there are rumors that the session may be extended. There is much more work to be done by our representatives and our members.
Each week of the legislative session at least 5, and as many as 11, from the Williamsburg League traveled to Richmond learn of current issues and meet with our representatives. Our last roundtable offered an opportunity to hear from some of our newest representatives. Their energy, focus, and dedication were contagious even though they shared some of the bruises they faced as new delegates.
However, more work is needed in one area:
Medicaid Expansion. The LWV urges continued work on this issue.
Additionally, Virginia Commonwealth Institute’s Half Sheet Blog documents a new issue, related to teacher pay, that may be a part of the current budgetary negotiations.